The DL-Attendance System: A 29¢ Solution to Electronic Attendance

Tracking attendance can be tedious and takes up valuable class time. New technology is now available to allow instructors, at their own initiative, to largely automate this task. We developed a set of software tools, which work with easily purchased and affordable RFID tags and scanners, to create an automated attendance management system. An Excel-based version is available for download. Software code (macros) is provided, open-source, for instructors to use in their own classrooms.


We are providing the software under GNU General Public License. We provide the code as is and with no warranties. It may have errors. If so, please report them to us. We are academics and we provide our work-product free for anyone to use as long as it remains free. What is in it for us? Your recognition and citations. We try to keep a record of instructors using it. We would appreciate if you could send us an email and let us know that you are using it.

Download the spreadsheet